Stephenville Fringeless Moccasins

$7.99 $20

Our leather moccasins are made out of genuine leather and have suede leather soles (better grip). Each moccasin has a unique pattern so please keep that in mind when purchasing. Please also note that real leather stretches to the individual's foot as they wear it. Size up if in-between sizes. 


Sizes 3-6 and 6-12 have soft suede soles and sizes 12-18+ have rubber soles along with the suede. 

Measurements are as follows;
For the soft sole baby shoes
3-6m---4.5 inches
6-12m--4.9 inches
For the hard rubber sole
12-18m--5.3 inches
18-24m--5.7 inches
2-3T - 6.3 inches

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